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How to Adopt a Dog

You found a dog on our site and you’re really anxious to hop in your car and meet the dog of your dreams! Awesome! We understand and share your excitement too. Unlike other shelters, we don’t list our address for a good reason. We are lucky to have use of an amazing facility, located on private property and it’s our responsibility to respect the owners.  In order to be respectful, we schedule private appointments for potential adopters.

Our goal is to make this a wonderful experience for you and help our dogs find loving homes. We are happy to work with you in finding the right fit for your family. A scheduled one on one appointment helps us do our job really well and also be respectful to the residents.

Our adoption fees, which include transportation, all necessary veterinarian fees, spay/neuter procedures (if we have the procedure done), and quarantine charges, generally range from $250 to $550, as follows:

  • $250 for senior dogs over 7 years old.
  • $550 for puppies ($50 is rebated after you send the spay/neuter certificate to Shultz’s Guest House You are responsible for the spaying/neutering costs).
  • $500 for dogs who have been spayed or neutered.

Read about the adoption process and complete the online adoption application. 

Note: Please add to your “Safe Senders” list and be sure to check your spam folder if you do not hear back from us within 48 hours.  On occasion, our replies go to spam.

Adoption Application

Adoption Process

  1. The suggested first step is to read our guidelines for adopting a dog from Shultz’s Guest House. See guidelines below.
  2. Please fill out the Adoption Application form on this web site. We need an application first before you to visit the dogs and the application process is at no charge to you. Knowing a little bit about you before you come to meet the dogs saves both you and our adoption counselors considerable time.
  3. Once you have filled out the application, please give us a day or so to email the confirmation that your application was received. We are not a drop-in shelter where you walk through kennels, instead we set up PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS.  We have shelter visiting hours, by appointment only. We have appointments available 7 days a week. Please understand that we are not a “first come, first serve” shelter, but that we try to make the right match for both the dog and the adopter. If you work full time, for example, we may steer you towards an adult dog who can stay at home during the day or who can get along just along just fine with a dog walker.
  4. When you come to our shelter , we can print your application and introduce you to the dogs you are interested in. We have play yards where we bring the dogs outside off-leash to meet prospective adopters.
    We ask that all decision-makers  (adults and children in the home) be present when you come to meet the dogs. If you have a resident dog that you’d like to bring to meet one of the dogs in our care, let us know ahead of time.  Please talk to us first and we can advise the best time to bring your dog out for a meeting. If you live close by, it might be best to meet the dog first, make sure that both you and we feel it’s a match, and then we would have you go get your dog to be the final decision-maker.

Once you meet a dog that you want to adopt, and we agree, we ask that you leave a $200 deposit (prepare to bring a check or credit card to the meet and greet) with the remaining $200 due at the time of the adoption. 
If you change your mind for any reason the deposit is non-refundable and considered a donation to the shelter.

Adoption Guidelines

Adoption Fees: Our adoption fees vary. For senior dogs over 7 years old, the adoption donation is $250. For local adult dogs, it is $350. Dogs transported from out of state cost us additional fees for transportation and health certificates, therefore the costs are $500 for adult dogs and $550 for puppies ($50 is rebated after you send us the spay/neuter certificate) or $500.00 if the puppy is already spayed/neutered. We are a grass roots 501c3 organization privately funded by donations and adoption fees. We are always very grateful if you can add a little extra donation to help us continue our rescue work. Many of the dogs we take in have special needs and theirs costs exceed the adoption donation, so your donations help us to support those special dogs.

Guidelines for Adopting Puppies

Young puppies need lots of socialization. The rule of thumb is that the pup should not be left alone for more than one hour for every month of age. So a two month old puppy should not be left for more than two hours, a three month old for three hours, and so on. Obviously, you cannot leave an 8 month for 8 hours as that’s too long to spend in a crate and the dog will need to be walked mid-day.

Crate Training: We prefer crate training for puppies. The internet is a wonderful resource for learning the basics or we will be happy to help you with the process.

Working people: Please bear in mind that puppies need lots of socialization so we cannot place them in homes where they will sit alone all day. Even coming home for lunch is not enough for a young puppy. Animal shelters are loaded with dogs who did not get the proper puppy socialization and we do not want to add to the problem. Puppies need time and attention. We like to have your dog walker and/or doggy daycare information on the application or at some point before we call your references. People who can spend the most time with a puppy will be given preference and we will consider dogs already in the household as companionship for an older puppy or young dog.

Our Adoption Application

There are several formats you can use to fill out the application.

  1. Web-based. Our Web Application is easy to fill out, but some servers will not let you send it because of fire wall issues. If that happens, then please print it out and fax it to 781-251-9018.
  2. PDF version of application. You can download this file, fill it out, and email it to or fax it back to us at 781-251-9018.

We prefer electronic copies of applications as they are easier to locate and we can sort them on our computer. If you’re not computer-experienced or have trouble with the application form, then just send us an email at and we can email you an application.