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High School Student Gives Back

Meet Chude. He is from from Hyde Park and goes to Catholic Memorial high school.
Last year, Chude visited Shultz’s Guest House and was so inspired by it that he vowed to do whatever he could to help homeless dogs. Well, a year later has arrived, and per his promise, he and his mother, Abosede, recently donated toys, food, treats, paper towels and all sorts of cleaning supplies to our shelter.
Abosede tells us that Chude is on our website on a regular basis, keeping up with which dogs are still available and which ones have been adopted into new families. She says he is hooked on us!
Chude doesn’t have a dog yet but mom promises him that once he turns 16, she will help him to get one of his very own for which he can care.
On behalf of all of us here at our guest house, we want to thank Chude, not only for his big heart and generosity, but also for being an inspiration to other young men, showing compassion and empathy for all creatures among us. 👍😍

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