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It's All About the Dogs.

Shultz’s Guest House is a 501c3 dog rescue shelter located on 200 private acres in Dedham, MA. We offer a secure haven for dogs on their journey to finding the loving forever homes they deserve. Enveloped by lush forests and serene ponds alongside the Charles River, these pups enjoy a peaceful and picturesque environment while receiving lots of love and care from our amazing volunteers.
As we are located on private property, we do not allow drop-in visits. You must be a pre-approved adopter with a scheduled meet and greet to come onsite.

Our Mission

A Dog's New Life Begins At Shultz's Guest House

Our mission is to rescue well-deserving dogs who have been found as strays, abandoned, or mistreated from the southern part of the country where sadly, animal protection laws remain dormant.

At Shultz's Guest House, we provide the medical care, sheltering, and transport of such dogs to our facility located in Dedham, MA. Here, we further manage their health needs, provide socialization, and continue to build human trust. Our goal is to adopt out healthy puppies and dogs into loving homes while promoting spaying/neutering as a means to end the overwhelming pet overpopulation and euthanasia.

Our shelter also serves as a private quarantine facility, fully licensed by the state of Massachusetts. We have accommodations for up to 80 dogs. We strive to provide the most comfortable accommodations for each ‘guest,’ with daily stimulation, walks, attention and lots of love provided by our daily staff of dedicated volunteers. Providing these dogs with a quiet, stress-free and natural setting helps them thrive and remain resilient as they transition into their permanent home.

Meet Our Dog of the Week!


Sonny is a 10 - 11 month old neutered male. He will require a specific home to help him continue to build trust and learn that the world isn't such a scary place. We're excited to show you how special this boy truly is.


Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions enable us to offer the best care for these dogs on their journey towards finding a loving forever home. We appreciate any donation you can make. Thank you!

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